July 10, 2018

New Music From Real #Swisher – I Like It – #KlikUp

Soundcloud @RealSwisher On Instagram @RealSwisher Facebook facebook.com/realswisher Follow me at twitter.com/realswisher Email realswisher@gmail.com   document.createElement('audio'); https://the-6ix.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/I-Like-It-Swish-Mix.mp3  

July 10, 2018 1

July 4, 2018

Stay Tuned… #The_6ixTV Caught Up With Kandy K.

  Behind The Scene Of #Bass&Tings3 The Toronto musician, opened up on what she has going on Music wise, who’s on her Collaboration wish list, and this was right after she killed the stage of Bass & Tings3 inside Lee Palace. https://the-6ix.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Bass-Tings-KandyMusic.mp4

July 04, 2018 0

July 2, 2018

Tony Troubles Drops A New MixTape

GRAND THEFT AUDIO Tony Troubles Against All Odds Muzik Group Presents GTA by Tony Troubles. Now the title was chosen to represent 2 things. The cities Tony calls home, and the industry beats that were taken by storm in order to ... Read More »

July 02, 2018 0